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Hi! My name is Meredith Viner and I'm a visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I specialize in acrylic "pop art" paintings of food, animals (both real and imaginary), and slender, androgynous young men. Many of my paintings juxtapose two things that don't normally belong together, like a scoop of ice cream with teeth in it, a beautiful mermaid emitting a trail of fart-bubbles...or a self-portrait with birds flying out of my mouth. I like to challenge people's assumptions about art and about the world in general.

I have
Twitter, a blog, and a Facebook page, if you're into that sort of thing.

You can purchase my work online in my Artfire studio or, if you're in Toronto, come shop in person at the College St. location of The Arts Market.

Thanks for visiting!